degabus videos
updated 06.17.17

talladega race videos talladega crashes


phil recreates his worm crawl from the previous night.


may 03: 88 takes a partial reverse lap past the fans.


april 2011: dragging the degabus from winter storage.

july 2011: the degabus goes to the kentucky inaugural sprint race at sparta.


april 2010: metallica guy.
he wandered into camp after he picked up on metallica playing on the phonograph.
an obvious fan. he did mosey on back the next night with a jug of moonshine.

april 2010: red does the beerbong. extended version.
matt sets her up with her first ever beerbong. red is our favorite.

april 2010: road warrior.


april 2009: laura invites harassment. as is the usual case, she brings abuse upon herself.

april 2009: gary, but more so. he's not one to get drunk very often,
but after mixing a gallon of vodka screwdriver, he proceeded to down most of it.

april 2009: matt tries to sneak one past me.
i thought it might be that crap gary was chugging.

talladega race videos talladega crashes
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