spring 2005, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 07.12.11

this was my  rookie  year. i drove and met up with these clowns at the campground.

home is where your cooler be.

jay prepares dinner.

mitch prepares breakfast.

matt naps in the bed of his truck.

a small portion of the neighborhood.

red and crew prior to us forcing them to like us.

our first picture of red.

there's no place like home.

mitch recognizes the word, but the spelling still confuses him.

kasey kahne

mitch winks at kasey kahne.

kasey looks interested or worried, i can't really tell.

mr. kahne signs mitch's socks. don't ask.

these girls forced their breasts into our view.

mitch forces us to view too.

the guys on top of the bus yelling requests to women.

bus top clownfest.

more food.

she was saying, "i'm not showing you my tits". clueless.

young ant gets a turn.


how many drunks do you see in this picture?

abandon tent! rained out.

at one point, 3 inches of standing water inside.

rain will not stop breakfast. mitch prepares his famous 3 egg omelettes.

rain won't stop the septic sucker either.

sea of mud at the lower end of the campground.

firewood art.

let me guess, an earnhardt fan?

just before the busch race.

matt gets down redneck style.

more awesome food,

and a dildo,

and boobs,

and boobs,

and more boobs,

and food,

and boobs,

and boobs,

and girls kissing boobs,

and grabbin' boobs,

and girls kissing each other.

more giant omelettes.

heading into the main event.

go tony, go tony...

gary packing up on the last day.

dean, registered ass grabber.

mitch and bryan do what they do best.

bill tries to open the bus door at 60mph.

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