spring 2006, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 07.12.11
   this year i flew up to indiana and drove down to the races in the bus. nine hours each way in a school bus, what was i thinking? we'd like to thank those of you that looked for us and stopped by after seeing last year's pictures.

the load up.

don't piss off this guy.

home sweet bus.

you know, you ask a guy to apply a little sunscreen and all of a sudden, brokeback camping.

eye shields up. i have not had enough to drink yet for this.

even mom gets in on the act.

velvet says to her underage daughter, "turn around, angel baby, momma's gonna show her titties"

beer or vodka or both.

matt risks his life.

terrill got more beads with this damn boob hat than the ones with real boobs.

red and company. our favorite people.

real? all signs point to 'no'.

that's right, shove them all up. there, now they are perfect.

mitch and friend.

copping a ride.

bill nails it with his laser finger.

"i owe all of this to 'crapsman' tools, the official tools of garage boob jobs."

upside down tony stewart.

beer box panties.

spontaneous couchbustion.

not all boobs are misshapen, scarred, and freakish.

i haven't seen skin like this since my old catcher's mitt.

off to the race.

left to right: mitch, terrill, bill, dean, gary, matt. not shown: me.

rain delay.

dean's impersonation of tony stewart. for the '20'th time, dean, not funny.

yo bill, check out this new thing called a 'door'.

redneck menu.

redneck eater.

spontaneous foldingchairbustion.

burned out.

gary is done.

the load out.

when it absolutely positively has to get there eventually. sitting for 3 hours.
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