spring 2007, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 07.13.11
   this year i drove up with my brother-in-law danny. he's been wanting to do this for awhile now. there were 11 of us this time. everyone had a great time. i can't remember the last time i laughed so much. it was over before we knew it.
   i know i speak for all of us, when i thank red, john, and laura for all their efforts in saving us what may be the best spot in the whole campground. we truly appreciate them, not only for saving us the spot, but being the great people that they are. we couldn't find better camp neighbors, even after several days of looking for some.
   we'd also like to thank those of you that looked for us and stopped by after seeing past year's pictures. look for the bus again in spring 2008. stop by, say hello, have a beer, and then slip away after a reasonable period of time.

matt and his beer bong visitor images

why is camping so exciting? because it's 'in tents'.

dega jima.

princess lazy ass.

yip yip woo!


shorts worth less than rags.

a rose between two thorns.

the mattaphone.

bryan nods off out of the 'safe zone'.

not the first time wearing the 'bud light' battle helmet.

bill throws the weekend's only '6 pack'.

laura waits her turn to paw on matt.

bryan swats random female strangers.

steve ain't be needin' no stinkin' beer bong.

it's not just bryan that gets decorated.

southern inbread.

bring the kids!

live crawfish nipple jewelry.

lucky goof.

get up, doug, you're not in a safe zone.

a neighbor's $400 helium balloon rig high in the sky. our beacon home.

this guy was over served.

who knows what these guys are into.

steve's 8 head.

l-r: jay, matt, doug, gary, bryan, danny, red, steve, mitch, mike, dean.

go tony!

danny and elvis earnhardt.

bryan nods out, take 2.

laura tries to make time with bryan, but being a gentleman, he declines.

matt and his beer bong visitor images 
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