spring 2008, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.10.08
   this year i again flew up to indiana and drove down to the race in the bus. oddly enough, it's still nine hours each way. i'll never learn.
   we had a great time and the weather was great. well, until sunday night, but we made the most of the rain. it didn't stop a few of the guys from making delicious wings while cowering under a tarp.
   thanks again to red, john, laura, and lisa for saving us our spot. further thanks to larry for the lawn mower. we love those people!
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minutes away from departure. young blake really wants to go.

how many lawn mower engineers does it take to finger out a lawn mower? apparently, 3.

ant helps raise the flags.

always the stylish dresser, dean offers a hand.

the flag raising ritual.

let the weekend begin.

slow down, bryan, you remember what happened last year. oh, that's right, you don't remember.


they took out all the trees and put in these 7 big ass flags.
they measure 40' x 60' and the poles cost $40,000 each.
these big ass flag pictures don't show just how big ass these big ass flags really are.

dean shows lisa his extensive penis reconstruction resulting from
an embarrassing farming accident with a grain combine.

against all odds, bryan makes it to the safety of the bus.

laura thinks she is posing with ryan. we let her believe it, the poor misguided girl. she's so happy.

a jay jay.

matt texts gary, "what are you wearin'?". gary replies, "your ass for a hat".

ant hangs out on the roof.

looking up a $40,000 pole.

gary tries to not burn his meat.

like father, like son.

will he make it to the bus?

he made it.

we fetch him back out to cook us food.

that's right, another beer will wake you right up.

she loved to show them off.

let's see those one more time.

matt's beer bong.

the three assketeers.

our friends and laura.

such a cute couple. they were inseparable all weekend.

waiting for the donut truck.

at the track saturday.

waiting out the red flag. #20 tony goes on to win.

bryan fades out.

even strangers like to mess with him.

then it's back to the comfort of the bus floor.

these two so want to be the bread in a ryan newman sandwich.

more meat than egg.

mornin', neighbor.

you might be a redneck if... you make a duct tape handle for your #3 seat cushion.

you might be a redneck if... you repair your shoes with duct tape.

l. to r. -  mike, bryan, mitch, gary, dean, ant, matt.

laura sees a bad moon a risin' and shields her eyes from it's intense bright whiteness.

mitch cooks up grub.

neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these
men from the swift completion of cooking chicken wings.

what goes on at dega, stays at dega. unless it turns up here.

bryan hunter.

laura's pictures visitor images 
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