spring 2008, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 06.01.08
   here is an assortment of pictures taken by laura. she is our dega princess, so do show appropriate respect. sadly, these are the last pictures her camera would be giving up, as there was an incident and the camera is no more. sad indeed.
   she sure loves ryan newman. that became evident, as i waded through 426 pictures of him and/or his car. hey, i'm not exaggerating slightly.

it's early in the week, just before the land rush.
there's lisa, practicing her street walking skills.

red stabs john through the head with a tent pole. he's ok!

why look, here's ryan newman.

he brought her back after a hour long 'lap'.

john, tim, and red.
tim is a cincinnati boy that went to the same
high school mike and mitch did. small world.

dega girls gone mild. a 6 pack of non-stop talking.

a 3 pack of non-stop grab assing.

mitch stumbles.

i should edit those two out of this picture. then we could
see those two cool guys better without the girls in the way.

yes, that's a real pool table.

the #3 bus flags as seen from the track on saturday.
compare them to the huge flags at the same distance.

 jeff gordon fans vienna and brendon,
surrounded by all the other jeff gordon fans.

there we are with the big american flag.
well, it's big when you are under it.
it's somewhat diminutive in a mass from afar.

there appears to be trouble on the track.

plenty of trunk space now.

tony's victory burn-out.

ant tries to wake bryan before he falls off the bus.

bryan manages to make a slow tumble off.


he's fallen and he can't reach his beer.

back to the track for the 'cup' race on sunday.

dale jr.


ryan in the pit.

laura's ryan is in the lead!

ryan is in the lead some more.

"boo hoo, in the wall, couldn't have happened to a nicer fella",
says laura, taking joy in tony's mishap. see why we don't like her?

kyle busch wins. blech.

michael pushes his car towards the pits.

vienna worked the crowd and was able to make time with all the guys.

in the wild, the male will display for a prospective female mate.
here we see matt, a young male buck,
showing off his assets in the hopes the female will respond.
in this case, another male has won the favors of the female instead.
better luck next time, matt.


each accusing the other of passing gas.

laura poses with our wisconsin cheesehead neighbors.

the 2008 family portrait.
sitting l-r: laura, lisa, vienna
standing l-r: dennis, mark, gary, john, mike, mitch,
bill, red, bryan, brendon, dean, matt
standing tall in the orange shirt: ant

laura needs help finding the maze start.
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