spring 2009, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 07.07.09
for your perusal, laura's 2009 pictures with her new camera.

early in the week.

one can only guess what the charges are.

matt's mouth rejects another beer bong. next time, try one beer instead.

hey you two, get a tent.

catching flies.

the degabus. 

sun protection is important.

...it must be mitch.

the 2009 family portrait.
kneeling in front l-r: john, lisa 
standing l-r: vienna, brendon, mitch, jay, laura, gary, mike, bill, dean, john, matt, michelle, red
note: for some reason, vienna does not trust mitch and keeps her eye on him.

this car at the end of the race.

where laura works.

twin dorks.

don't ask.

matt teaches red how to shake that ass.

she does it. i just can't make this sorta thing up.

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