spring 2010, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.01.10
    this year, i drove up to the race. thursday and friday were great, until the rain started friday evening and lasted until saturday evening. apparently, tornadoes, damaging wind, hail, and inches of rain reigned havoc around the state. we got off relatively easy with just wind and rain. all saturday events were cancelled. sunday was wonderful and we worked in two races. it was a long day, but worth it.
    we had many more visitors this year, several of which promised to send in pictures. to them i say, thanks for stopping by, now send in your damn pictures!
    can you answer the question of the weekend: "Who's Pinker Brown?"
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it's go time. blake is sure he's going next year.


i seem to catch at least one hauler on the way in.

set up and weekend ready.

it just takes too damn long to drink beer right from the can.

video: this guy stumbled in to listen up close to 'metallica'.
he returned the next day with moonshine.

metallica guy collage

remember kids, never play around with food preparation equipment without proper adult supervision.

even girls like to cornhole, although they still tend to be all mouthy and stuff.

steve, your ride is here.

red thought she was on mitch's team and cheered every time he scored.

the three stoogettes. there's that mouthy one again, on the left.

matt re-enacts 'metallica' guy.

campground rule #24:
all jeff gordon paraphernalia must be covered, in order to protect the children.

catching flies.

grabbing some rest before the rained out tent festivities the following day.

they take down the huge flags. do they know something we don't about the weather that cometh?

these drunk guys help the flag taker downer guys.

the black bus is black flagged.

any excuse to see some righteous boobage.

matt does a double beer bong.

bit ya'.

visitors are always welcome. who are these people?

who are these people?
l to r: 'amp' hat guy, crippled fingers guy, lots of beads guy, mitch, matt, guy in between matt and dean, dean.

the rain was on and off for 24 hours. suck!

matt dreams of one day owning such an awesome truck like that brown and tan one.

the police ordered "all tents need to come down".

screw that.

do i look bored?

our cheesehead neighbors.

and then a bit of sunshine on a rainy day.

all boob models on degabus.com are 18 years of age or over.

that's some good shit here.

don't ask. maybe he lost a bet.

on the other hand, she never complains, never talks back, never says no, does not want your money, isn't hooked on shoes, lets you play your music loud, lets you go out whenever you want, doesn't care if you bring home other blow up women, is always ready, likes all your friends, doesn't care if you leave the toilet seat up, won't drink your beer, won't wreak your vehicle, no p.m.s., doesn't care that you hate her family, you can vacation where you want, with or without her, you don't have to respect her in the morning or ever, she is willing to try new things, she isn't all judgmental about those special web sites you like to visit, no complaints when you belch and fart around her, you do not need to get her drunk first, will ride in the trunk without complaining, won't start crying when you rip off the duct tape, won't run away screaming, and is easily hosed off and deflated for storage. she represents everything men want in a woman. see how surprised she is to see you? she really likes you! note the wide set eyes. everyone knows this means she's as smart as a real woman, but knows to keep her opinions, thoughts, demands, and tiresome emotional issues to herself. she has no fingers, so no need to buy her a ring or worry about her screwing with the tv remote. her breasts will stay firm forever or until she springs a leak, which is why she comes with the 'easy breezy patching kit'. look at all the money you'll save on clothes! is she getting a bit fat? let out some air. take her swimming and she could save your life! you can even buy her younger sister! and her hot mom (if applicable)! most importantly, she will never complain about how small your dick is.

bagpipes sound best when being smashed with an accordion and/or a banjo.

our wisconsin buddies dished out rum soaked gummi worms.


finally, the rain is gone. time to pick drivers and see two races.

on the way to the track, we see this guy resting up for the race.

his woman joins him for some welcome rest.

home sweet mudhole.

"go on, bobbi sue, git on outside and play in the yard with those other kids".

l to r: dean, matt, mitch, gary, bill, rookie steve, mike

camp neighbors. l to r: white t-shirt guy, Wynne, Joey, Adam, Matt, T.J.
and yes, Matt did make it in with his big ass cooler.

it's a long haul to our seats.

this is nick.

mitch snaps a cell shot and sings, these are a few of my favorite things .

the last supper.

fresh french fries and onion rings.

the 2010 family portrait. l to r: matt's ass, steve's ass, brendon, vienna, mitch, rookie steve, jay, dean, red, gary, kneeling john, bill, mike, rookie shane. missing: laura and rookie jim.

as the degabus pulls out of camp, the 2010 spring race event has concluded.

red does the beerbong. extended version.
matt sets her up with her first ever beerbong. red is our favorite.

laura's pictures others' images 
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