spring 2012, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.08.12
    again i drove up to the race. the bus had the eight other guys in this year's group. fat chance i'm sleeping on that bus-o-tards.
    we want to thank again all the degabus fans for stopping by and spending time with us. special shout-out to the returning cheeseheads. they sure do talk funny.
    other than some rain sunday morning, the weather was mostly dry, but hotter than most previous years.
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at some point, the degabus could become this.

ran a while with this hauler coming in and was later almost tagged by the #42 hauler. imagine that.

my old yellow tent is still hanging around as a property marker.
mitch spent at least 2 nights in it, escaping the bus crowd.

fresh habanero pepper cooked into an excellent mitch omelet. 

the usual suspects.

slightly crashed auto parts, cheap.

laura loves her some ass grabbin'.

she wandered in from parts unknown and wanted to go rooftop.

attitude is everything. nice attitudes.

steve and matt.

a full blown foam machine. very cool.

find 9 things wrong with this picture. go!

drunks are so funny.

jack the dog goes for a ride.

illegal redneck.

mexican cheeseheads from wisconsin. chuck replies:

"Real Cheeseheads do not talk funny!
Great to see you guys again....you boys sure can cook. We had another great time!
See you next year!
The Boys from Wisconsin. left to right-Chuck, Warren, Brad, Steve, and Dean.
Missing from picture is Bore (he was taking a rest or passed out or something).
P.S. Tell Laura I (We) Love Her"

about a half dozen of these jars somehow managed to find their way into camp. 

who doesn't like some jack and coke? i'll take mine without the jack, thank you.

shawna and her friend wandered into camp and stayed some time playing cornhole.

looking down on people, because that's where they are.

bill's pictures laura's pictures
jimmy's pictures others' images

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