07.24.13, eldora speedway, rossburg, ohio
 updated 07.25.13
we score some pit passes and get dirty.

totally stole this picture from mike flanagan.

we have golden tickets...

l to r: tyler, mitch, blake, mike, mike flanagan.

unloading one of the 'late model' cars.

blake, mitch, and tyler on the back "garage" row.

hosing down the track.

we had what are called 'cold' passes. as such, we get to hang around the pit and garage areas until the track goes 'hot', then we have to leave. somehow, blake lands a 'hot' pass and reminds us about his elevated status all damn day. turns out, no one was monitoring the 'hot/cold' status and we pretty much could go where we wanted all day long. so take that, braggy blake.

dirt track tires.

James Buescher's truck.

Austin Dillon goes on to win the event in this truck.

Bryan Silas' #99 truck in the inspection station.

Ryan Newman's #34.

Bryan Silas, #99.

Ty Dillon, #3

John Wes Townley, #7.

German Quiroga Jr., #77.

in the 'fan zone'.

in the 'fan zone'.

in the 'crapper zone'.

series of pictures taken from the north bleachers.

looking toward the south bleacher section.

what's the story with this bowling ball mounted
on top of the very end of the pit exit wall?

looking north along the front 'garage' row.

repairing wall modifications.

track preparation vehicle.

red arrow indicates location of that bowling ball at the end of the pit wall.

mitch, blake, and tyler up on the infield tower.

Matt Crafton, #88.

James Buescher, #31.

Tracy Hines, #13.

Kenny Wallace, #81.

Kyle Larson, #30.

pole sitter, Ken Schrader, #52.

Ryan Newman, #34.

blake and tyler hanging by the #34.

Ryan Newman

pit eats.

Ken Schrader

wall mods complete.

Tony Stewart inspects his track during a break in the action.

Jeb Burton of the #4 truck.

rear detail of the #39.

the track wall did not play nice with the right rear corners on many of the trucks.

giving the rear spoiler the synchronized double hammer.

for laura.

making post-practice adjustments.

mitch tries to catch a nap, but gives up soon after, when "let's get a beer" is suggested.

track and infield as seen from the main grand stand.

Jeb Burton, #4.

Ken Schrader, #52.

Ron Hornaday Jr., #9.

Scott Bloomquist, #51.

Ty Dillon, #3.

Darrell Wallace Jr., #54.

many of the trucks had 'LEFturn' above the right side window to honor Jason Leffler.

Mike Helton, nascar president.

Ken Schrader gets interviewed by the wandering interviewer guy.
you can see them on the big screen in the background.

blake with his new buddy, Austin Dillon.

blake with Ty and Austin Dillon.

Dave Blaney

Ryan Newman

Tony Stewart

blake and a few officials, including Tony.

mitch with Scott Bloomquist, #51.

#34 ryan newman returns from practice.

#34 ryan newman heads back out to practice.

trucks returning from qualifying.

#34 ryan newman gets out of truck after qualifying.

mitch and the boys pose before the pace field.

mitch and the boys watch a lap.

trucks race by.
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