spring 2014, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.18.14
   there were 14 of us this year, including 4 rookies and young blake's first time. it was the largest gathering for our annual dega spring vacation destination. the weather could not have been better, thus proving naked 'no rain' drum circles are worth the creepy effort.
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04.15.14: winter just can't let it go.

04.29.14: ready to roll. see you there.

mitch with d.j. mike Mike B., getting ready for the wet t-shirt contest.

adam and mike hanging out in the 'living room'.

they say dolphins are really smart, but let's see one make a cooking device out of a lawn mower,
 wash machine drum, and truck exhaust pipe. nope, just ain't going to happen.

phil comes that close to passing out and receiving just reward.

sampling home made refreshment.

phil finally naps on a bus seat. he was like this for three straight hours without moving.

l to r: mitch, bill, red t-shirt guy, dean.

hey, don't rear end the cook!

rookies blake and austin ignore guidance from dean.

in tent city.

some guy lands the camper on the bed of his truck.
dean uses a bottle jack to lift it back in place.
everyone else simply stands around offering useless advice.

apple pucker? really?

home is where the yellow flag be.

mitch never disappoints us with his stellar fashion sensibilities.


Mike B. gets the wet t-shirt party going.

french fry cutter mounted to the bus. genius!

sadly, no riding in the truck bed.

super dork.

both ends of the grandstand were removed and turned into 'party decks'.


phil and toolman bring home the 2nd place cornhole trophy.

frik and frak fail at lantern lighting.

what's better than one super dork?

girls invade the bus and proceed to desecrate the ceiling with random graffiti.

l to r: dean, super dave, jay.

l to r: jimmy, kevin, gary, steve, mike, dean, austin, mitch, blake, bill, chris, jay.

end of the line, table.

degabus, version 3.0 jimmy's pictures
others' images dean's garage
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