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05.24.15, we received this picture of degabus v2.0 being readied for a movie project.

10.12.18, Jeremy H., Talladega, Your old bus is just setting in talladega rusting away its sad. Its been setting there for 2 years now i believe. where this picture was taken.

03.19.20, we found some info about the movie. sadly, the project died about 5 years ago. it looked like fun. links to more information: Zombie Marshals, Anniston, Alabama,
"New wave of movie making, the next level of social media, As well as I am one man, an old Marine trying to make a difference in a few lives." last post was on 07.16.14., help pay for and work on the movie. cancelled..., 08.25.14, "Josh Porter of Funrunners Productions and talks about the new Zombie Marshals Posse - a database of creative people ready to work in the growing movie industry in the Southeast. Here's your chance to get into the business and do something fun and creative with your life!" funrunners/videos, more

hey kids, check out what the
interwebs looked like in the late 90's, early 00's:, if the world falls apart..., 100% charity projects., a crazy mess

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expired domain websites found in the internet archive 'wayback machine': It became known as the Fall of Plenty. A time when the world enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity and, unable to bear the weight of its own greed and avarice and selfishness, turned on itself and all was lost. In the midst of this chaos arose a sickness that tore through the population. Three quarters of all mankind fell to the strange disease that turned people into shambling, simple-minded living zombies. It was not known if the plague caused the downfall of civilization, or that the fall itself opened a new Pandora’s box of affliction. All we knew is that we were back to square one. And all who survived the terrible waves of death and disorder began to rebuild and reclaim our humanity. We thought the danger and the chaos was behind us. We were wrong!
Want to be a zombie movie star? Want to be a video guy, A sound Guy, A Makeup, Costume ,etc
Our feature-length movie Zombie Mountain Alabama and exciting spinoff web series Zombie Marshals is now in the early stages of production. We are currently seeking actors and actresses of all ages for major and minor roles as well as extras and zombies. No acting experience is necessary. To be considered, send us an email with your name and age. Please include at least one photo of yourself. Also seeking behind-the-scenes staff. Have a talent or skill in production? Come talk to us! Come have some fun, make new friends, give your resume a boost and be a star!
We will text for help when shooting episodes. Marshals justice is as clear as black and White. Join the Marshals Posse and join in the fun! The Zombie Marshals Posse is a members-only community of fans and friends of Zombie Marshals International. This isn't an ordinary fan club, it's a real opportunity to not only interact with the stars of the show, but to have a hands-on role in the making of the series!
• be a guest on the set!
• help shoot an episode!
• get screen credits!
• appear in an episode!
• lunch with the cast!
• be a location scout!
The first episodes will be shot in central Alabama, with later episodes planned in Nashville, New Orleans, the Florida coast, and Costa Rica. Additional episodes will be shot in other locations if the local fan base is large enough.

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12.23.20, an email arrives, we reply:
   josh porter, ANNISTON, just need to know where to send the sheriff for my stolen bus
   hello josh, how was someone able to steal it? we hope you find it soon.
   Says you sold it
   yes, we did sell it. we sold it to you. we made a page all about you and your movie project. we have no idea where it is now or how it got there. we do wish you good luck in retrieving it. please let us know when that happens. sorry your movie project didn't materialize. it looked like a fun watch. hope you have a good holiday, in spite of the missing bus.
   Thanks I am still working on the movie
   that is good news. please keep us informed about it and we will do what we can to get the word out. again, we truly hope you find the bus in the same condition. good luck.
   Want to offer $200 for the person that finds it do you have suggestion on getting the word out?
   sadly, whoever took it is likely to scrap and/or part it out, as opposed to driving it around and getting caught. perhaps kick it up to $500 to better motivate someone. post about it on facebook, marketplace, and craigslist.

   update: 03.29.21:
apparently the bus was recovered and is "
At the shop". that's all we know.
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