spring 2015, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 10.27.15
a selection of random images from others. we welcome your input.

l to r: cele, dom, tyler, blake, johnny


bill faces mecca.

 exit onley

Mike B. submits the following 5:



dean, mitch, ant


the degabusboy in the orange shirt.

random food.

10.27.15, fall race: tabitha b. sent us a couple shots with her friends.

"I'm cooking."
yeah you are...

"Group shot is Tori, Fire, myself (tabitha), and mariee."

"I bring dancers to every race at Dega.
We stay on the infield and dance at Eddie's spot."
lucky eddie.

"Thinking about going to Texas.
Does anybody know if people bring stripper poles?"
not sure if people bring poles to the texas race, but i'm sure they will now.
thanks for the pictures.


04.29.15, Andrew Yarbrough, #Dale #Dega #DegaBus in #Nashville on #I65
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