pre-spring 2015, north park, talladega, alabama
updated 04.30.15
2015 schedule

may 1 - arca imhof 200
may 2 - winn dixie 300
may 3 - geico 500

"daddy! are we there yet?"

   this will be the first trip for degabus 3.0. it's going to be a large group again this year and we welcome the return of the well missed bryan. we will set aside a comfy chair by the fire, so he can take his customary "nap".
yip yip woo!
jeff gordon
congratulations on your last year.
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 02.22.15: the guys got their daytona 500 on at dean's garage.

indoor cornhole.

the traditional piss-on-frog.

the traditional piss-on-truck.

degabustards are unable to focus.

if a group ever had a mugshot, this would be one of them.

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