pre-spring 2016, north park, talladega, alabama
updated 08.05.16

april 29

april 30

may 1
tony stewart
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meanwhile, on craig's list

towing the bus
04.14.16: pulling the bus out of hibernation.

in for a check up
04.17.16: in dean's garage for a 'once-over'.

04.25.16: waiting for the bus.

bill is waiting
04.26.16: bill is waiting for the bus.

04.27.16: loading.

04.27.16: loaded.

02.21.16: the daytona 500 gathering at dean's garage.

dean's garage

dean's garage

dean's garage

degabustards' off days
 phil, passed out in the bathtub
02.07.16: phil takes a "nap" during the superbowl.

 gary, passed out on the floor
03.05.16: gary rests after a long day of hard no work.

 double fisting bud lights
08.05.16: phil double fisting bud lights.
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