the 2020 bubba hoax
if only there was a motorized device that would function a garage door.
there could be a remote control of some sort,
so one could open and close the door without the use of a noose.~


all these memes are satire and may or may not depict reality.
they were found on the intertubes and are not ours.

02.14.21 - an opinion:
   here we go, instead of nascar, other companies, and the media calling him out for his nonsensical theater, they all cower in fear and reward him with endless accolades, hero status, and insist we all gather around and heap praise upon this "trump fueled victim of white supremacy". the 2021 year of bubba worship has begun. they should simply grant him a win, not for his driving skill, but because it's only fair and it would be the woke thing to do. otherwise, systemic race car racism!~  just give him a participation winner trophy and let him fade into obscurity, as most unworthy things tend to do.

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