building a better awning.
updated 02.25.14
   the current configuration is basically a frame of galvanized pipe with a tarp stretched over it. the pipe frame is attached to the bus with a ramshackle nut and bolt system designed by our engineers in the secret underground degabus lab. the tarp is attached to the frame with ball bungees designed for that purpose. the tarp attaches to the bus with grommets over hooks that are anchored to the bus. the whole thing has four poles that support the opposite side of the frame, which is ratchet-strapped to anchor stakes hammered into the thick red mud. it's pretty straightforward.
   no matter what you use, anchoring is very important, as the #3 awning has been bent over the top of the bus twice that i know of, just in the course of setting the damn thing up on a windy morning.

we have considered making a pole tent long enough to play cornhole and horseshoes in the rain. we have driven around and inspected several other configurations, such as:

something like this in a 50' long version would be ideal.

about 12' wide should work.
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