dega 'north park' camping help
a 'get ready guide'
updated 04.07.24
   there are camp areas in and around the track and they cost $0 - $2600. we camp in the $0 'north park' camp ground. as such, we are about as far from the track as you can get and still be on track property. $0 camping map.
   check out the official track camping hub for all your camping needs.

   we have no firsthand knowledge of any non-'north park' campground. the following is intended for north park rookies and perhaps you:

   1) do not forget your race tickets!

   2) if there was just one piece of advice to give, it's bring a very comfortable pair of shoes. they may get screwed up over the weekend with mud and wet, but your feet will be better off in the best shoes you have for walking, as you will do a lot of it. the track is far away and when you get there, your seat may be another far away. you make that round trip twice, while carrying all your crap.
   at night, you and your entourage will roam the camp ground on rough rocky roads, looking at all the debauchery there is to see. a second pair is a good idea, in case the first get soaked/mudded. flip-flops (actual north park flip flops) and sandals may be well and fine while in your immediate camp area, but they are worthless walking around the whole campground. ladies are advised to forgo the fancy footwear. every year, we see people painfully hobbling along in all sorts of inappropriate footgear. bring extra socks.

   3) bring enough food, beer, snacks, water, and other drinks, as that's what you spend most of your time doing, especially if it's hot. plan your intake and bring enough of the right stuff. ample liquor stock is a valuable asset to your camping portfolio. don't forget your favorite hangover and overindulgence remedies, such as 'pedialyte'. a generic alternative, 'pediatric electrolyte', can be found at most 'dollar tree' stores. it tastes awful, but really helps. 'Emergen-C' packets are good. the degabus also recommends goody's' powders. you're welcome.
   rain gear, sun screen, hats, and sunglasses are a must. good coolers and shade for them. camera. extra batteries. 'gold bond' powder. baby butt wipes. lip balm. creams, lotions, and potions. binoculars. electronic device chargers. if you do not have a generator, your neighbor may let you tap in to charge your stuff. eye drops are highly advisable, as the camp smoke from 100's of fires can be a bitch. a small bright flashlight will highlight the show offy females while on walkabout.
   bring a comfy chair, frisbee, football, horseshoes, cornhole, playing cards, bicycle, books, magazines, and/or other daytime distractions. the sun can be brutal, so bring a shady refuge.

   4) don't be a gary! do not forget your race tickets! you must have a race ticket for each occupant of a vehicle to enter the campground. get there early. if you roll into the campground late friday, good luck finding a decent spot, especially if you have a large rig. we strongly recommend you slide in by thursday.
   unless you are very sure it's a rain-free weekend, try to avoid camping in the lowland area, just as you enter the campground. if it rains much at all, you'll be camping in a mud bog, mud bath, tent swamp, or no wake zone. those are actual rain soaked 'north park' lowland camping images. seek higher ground or you'll be taking a chance.
   historically, the closer to the dirt track (eastern section of north park), the less party atmosphere you may find. we think families camp over there.

   5) if you plan on having a fire, the more wood you can bring, the better. local area firewood prices tend to be high and historically, it can be somewhat 'green' too. know the wood you buy. wood is currency.

   6) grab a roll of yellow duct tape if anyone in your group is a first time dega rookie. be sure they have a yellow rookie stripe on their back for the duration of the weekend. it's state law!

   7) typically, campground 'bagged ice' costs about $10 a bag. if it's hot, you can see the once was ice, dripping off the back of the ice wagon. haggle with the ice vendor if your bag seems light.
   check if your neighbors are going out of the campground during the day, as ice is so much less there. if you go out, see if your neighbors need ice and/or other miscellaneous sundries. we are family, working together for a better camping society. it's the neighborly thing to do.

   8) bring squeeze foam type ear plugs. not necessarily for the track, but if you want to sleep. 'north park' has "no quiet time", so it can be noisy all night. all damn night! horns blowing, loud vehicles, firecrackers, people yelling, that next door too loud stereo playing all the crap you love to hate, and especially the multitude of generators running the whole night. there could be one cranking away just a few feet from your tent or camper. very handy for that day nap to sleep off the previous night.

   9) soft-shell coolers full of your own food and drink are allowed in the track. be sure to read the grandstand guide for info on what you can and can not bring into the track. glass bottles are not advised in the campground for obvious reason and are forbidden in the track. all your glass and prohibited items will be disposed of or left outside the track gate and will have likely walked off by the race end. just bring canned or plastic bottled beverages only. no glass containers!

   10) if you are not bringing toilet facilities, consider renting a 'port-a-potty'. there are several trucks driving them around the campground. for years, they have cost $105 for the weekend and are worth every cent. it's not too much if you have a group chipping in. be sure to bring a small lock for it or you might find some strange bubba inside, offloading last night's jalapeño bean chili. someone may even pass out inside. the public shitters tend to get crowded and can be vile by the end of a hot weekend. bring a couple extra rolls of ass wipes and packages of baby butt wipes. your ass will thank you. remember: it's not cool to screw with shitter occupants.

   11) you can only erect non-conductive flag poles in the campground, 15' maximum. no metal poles. also, none of these or these or these.
   the camp area has often not seen a mower in quite some time. you could bring one or maybe work up a barter with a neighbor that had room in his rig to bring one. perhaps ply him with alcohol, food, or offer to use his mower to mow his space, as well as yours.
   bicycles and scooters are ok, but golf carts are not allowed.

   12) load up on party toys, novelties, and drunken accessories: is the official degabus bead supplier.
     don't bother with the "cheap ass beads".
     avoid the 33" size and get 42" or better. for all your glow stuff needs. carries glowing and light up stuff. build your own cornhole game.

   13) police are hired in from several jurisdictions to keep the peace. they can be on horseback, in cars and trucks, and buzzing around on atv's. historically, they are helpful, friendly, easy to get along with, and may hang around a bit, just because you seem like a jolly lot and they like laughing along with you. maybe they are laughing at you, who really knows? anyway, they do not mind you having a good time, but they do not take kindly to speeding through the campground, fighting, drunken bullshit, or you cruising the campground with your truck bed loaded down with all your friends. they have to ride herd on some real clowns, so give them a break. keep an eye on your rowdy friends, as they will get carted off if they act the fool. we see fool removal every year.

   14) if you are a female of legal age and desire to display your ample female attributes to the roving hoard, just remember there are cameras recording every reveal. if you think you will regret your skinful presentation at some point in time, then perhaps rethink your flashing plan now. many solve the problem by wearing tops they can pull up over their face at the time of exposure. if you see you on this website and wish to change that, let us know. if you are not of legal age, knock it off, as you can get someone in big trouble over your stupid underage stunt.

   15) if you overindulge and feel you must, be sure to pass out in a 'safe zone'. do not end up a "volunteer model" for your friend's 'passed out drunk' art display, you will never live it down. if you are one of the friends with pictures of a 'passed out drunk' art display, send them! they should never live it down! check out this handy drunk art help page.

   16) leaving: once the sunday race is over, people tend to try and leave quickly. forget it. you may exit the campground fairly easy enough, but you will get bogged down in the traffic flow heading out in all directions.
   just relax, make a nice final meal, maybe grab a nap, take your time packing up, and head out at least two, three, or more hours after the final race has completed. the degabus pulls out around 5am monday morning.

   17) do not forget your race tickets!

always dega responsibly or at least try.
if you have any other helpful hints,
suggestions, or comments, do tell.

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