the mitchinary
updated 09.20.23
   english is mitch's secondary language, with german being his third. mitch's primary language can only be described as a confusing confluence of english and something he makes up on the spot.
   to better understand just what the hell he's saying, we started this 'mitchinary' and will add to it as new additions to the mitchlish language tumble from his mind and into our confused ears.

airgasm -  noun; the feeling you get when you leave an establishment and take your covid mask off.
"i just had an airgasm, after being in walmart for two hours."
ambering -  verb; the process of campfire wood smoldering into ash.
"that wood will be ambering all night."
blurtching -  verb; when the sun explodes through a window.
"please shut the curtains, the sun is blurtching in."
boration -  noun; a bunch of drilled holes.
"now that is some awesome boration."
verb; to drill a bunch of holes.
"i have some boration to do on this board."
chiefaro -  noun; the next boss in line.
"i need to speak with your chiefaro."
clogulated -  verb; when you get with the wrong chick and catch her std.
"she said she was clean, but now my dick's clogulated!"
can also be used with random plumbing fixtures.
congongulate -  verb; the joining of three or more items into one.
"let's congongulate these four beers into this bucket."
explainative -  verb; when one phone app does a better job than the other one.
"waze is much more explainative than the google map app."
flavorizems -  noun; an assortment of beers on tap at a festive location.
"they have 32 flavorizems at this oktoberfest!" at which time, a high-five is offered up with the non-beer holding hand.
frozilated -  verb; refrosting something that was previously frosted.
"she was sandblasting an old door with a frosted window. she cleaned off the frosting and frozilated the glass."
intwangled -  verb; when two people get tangled up together and they can't figure out how or why that happened.
"we were just friends and now we are intwangled. i just wish she'd go away."
magneticity -  noun; the force a racing schedule magnet has on the degabus.
"this schedule has shit for magneticity."
(this is actually a word, but he didn't know it at the time.)
monsoonulate -  noun; the massive rain predicted for later.
"we better get ready for the monsoonulate!"
oozelation -  noun; the amount of glue that oozes out when items are clamped together.
"that is some good oozelation right there."
oozilating -  verb; when your fatness migrates beyond a reasonable distance from your mass.
"you're so fat, you're oozilating over your seat."
reverbalate -  verb; to fill an enclosed area with a noxious odor, much to the dismay of the occupants within.
"i reverbalated that room nice and good."
see: stinknature
snusling -  verb; trying to sing through your nose.
"i was snusling when a snot rocket landed in her dessert. she was not amused."

spreadation -  noun; the result after billiard balls scatter wildly on a break.
"that's some good spreadation right there."

sprinkelets -  noun; the crumbs you wipe off the table at a restaurant, onto the floor, to join the debris that is already there.
"let's get to making our own sprinkelets out of this loaf of bread!"

stinknature -  noun; the pungent, aromatic discharge mitch tends to occasionally expel, seemingly at will. no need to describe it any further, as you will know it when it envelopes you like a dark cloud of lingering death.
"i just left my stinknature in the beer line", he says,
sporting the grin of a job well done.
voiceativity -  noun; the rare instance when a man actually needs more words pouring out of a woman's facehole.
"mitch wanted more voiceativity from his wife, when he needed directions from her, about where she wanted them to go."
vulturizing -  verb; circling around your passed out friend in preparation of artistry.
"mitch and dean began vulturizing phil a bit too early."
wovelling -  verb; crosswind effects on a moving car in a blizzard.
"we are going to fly off the road if this wovelling won't stop."

other degabus wordologists craft new words as well:
adultbaby -  noun; a young adult that can not grasp maturity, but instead, falls back on childish behavior. i.e., tantrum when they do not get their way, childish pastimes and interests, immature behavior, are fearful and/or paranoid about everything, demand instant gratification, and generally have an arrested development in life. they continue to act as children and put feelings ahead of mature adulting.
"those soft mushy adultbabies are still playing 'Pokémon GO'."
clusterspoon -  noun; more than two guys passed out on the same fold-out love seat.
"rule 13: there will be no naked clusterspoons!"
verb; performing a clusterspoon.
"if you're looking for dean, jay, or gary,
they are clusterspooning on the bus."
cumulodufus -  noun; a cloud forming a towering mass around a fat head, after he exhales his shitty vape thing.
"no, that's not a fire extinguisher going off, that's a cumulodufus."
degabustard -  noun; a current inhabitant of the degabus.
"oh great, it's those idiot degabustards again", mumbles the random camp neighbor, sarcastically with a heavy sigh.
fattoo -  noun; an ink art application on an oversized body part.
"her fattoo looks more like a fat highlighter."
millennialgarten -  noun; colleges that used to champion free speech, new ideas, and tolerance of opposing thought, are now day care centers for young adults that are still children. pampered little children, challenged to getting their way and always placated, in order to not make them angry and throw them into tantrum. it's where soft, easily manipulated adultbabies are sanitized against reality.
"the millennialgarten added 8 new 'safe spaces' and 4 transgender only bathrooms so far." 
pooppourri -  noun; the aromatic aftermath of mitch, after using the bathroom within the last two hours.
"dammit, mitch, if you're going to create your pooppourri, open the window, turn on the fan, light a match, and burn down the house afterwards!"
pussonality -  noun; the totality of qualities and traits, as of character or behavior, that are peculiar to soft beta "men", that exude outward femininity.
"that dude's man bun and the way he giggles, displays his outgoing pussonality."
selfishteem -  noun; feeling great about you and only you.
"we are surrounded by legions of narcissistic asshole douchebags, brimming with unbridled selfishteem."
~the sarcasm mark~
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