spring 2011, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 04.25.14
    this year, i drove up to the race. the bus had the five other guys in this year's group. sure, the bus is fun and all, but sleeping on it with a handful of snoring farters is less desirable than my tent.
    we had more degabus fans then all previous years combined and we thank each and every one of you for stopping by and spending time with us. special shout-out to our new canadian friends and those LSU guys that stopped by. it was somewhat weird to be spotted everywhere we went.
    friday night brought us about 15 guys on the bus when the tornado sirens went off. with 50,000 campers without shelter, all we could do was hope for the best and party on. luckily, there were no storm related incidents.
    saturday was a nice cool day that gave us an excellent opportunity to use our pit/garage passes for an up close look at all that entails. we would like to thank mike f. again for all he did to give us such a great time. saturday night was somewhat low key for a party night, at least up where we were, but we managed on our own.
    sunday's race had the drivers holding hands in pairs. not as exciting as previous years, but there was that excellent finish. not that i'm overly excited about a jimmy johnson victory, but it did garner me $50 in the driver pool.
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degabus goes to kentucky

the mounted troops are great people, just don't give them a reason to ride up on you.

breakfast in work.

high tech charging station.

obviously, not an art major.

yes, the joke got old real fast. ain't that right, dean?

you think this guy has a pit in the basement?

we know nothing of what this is or where it came from.

this is chris martin on his bachelor party weekend.
he claimed he "had" to use this bizarre can accessory, but he seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much.

red is sportin' her camel toes.

hockey isn't the only thing on the minds of our canadian buddies. chris sent in a couple pix of this device in action.

red apparently didn't appreciate being asked, "doing woman's work?".

ready to hike to the pit area.

all the drivers have these awesome trailers. hey, there's Brad Keselowski.

a playground for the driver's kids.

i hope they brought a few extras for the #14.

Casey Mears signs some stuff.

i had to scoot out of the way. the front of this car was gone by the end of the race on sunday.

Jamie McMurray

inside the #1.

Juan Montoya

Kasey Kahne

Kasey Kahne

Martin Truex Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale's helmet on top of the #88.

Trevor Bayne

Carl Edwards

David Ragan

Marcos Ambrose

Greg Biffle

Bobby Labonte

David Reutimann

Mark Martin

Jeff Gordon

Kurt Busch

Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick

Denny Hamlin

Jeff Burton

Jimmie Johnson

Kyle Busch

Tony Stewart gets fueling advice from Ryan Newman.

04.25.14: It looks like y'all had a good time, and it was fun looking through your images.
Thought I'd share one from my perspective at the end of the nationwide race.
I'm the guy in this image just over Stewart's shoulder with the tan vest, and a camera in my hand.
Will be there again in a couple of weeks to shoot the spring race.
Have a good trip and be safe. Dan Deem

Joey Logano's nationwide car.

Carl Edwards' nationwide car.

Michael Waltrip's nationwide car.

Jesus' nationwide car.

mitch with Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s nationwide car.

Kyle Busch's tire bits after his nationwide victory burnout.

the start/finish line

on the track.

two degabus fans pull up and here i thought we were in trouble.

mitch is not trusted.

l to r: dean, hat guy, guy in sandals.

bachelor chris martin returns with a cool beer belt.

young guy could really play well.

he somehow sticks cans to his head.

mitch fall down, go boom. he wanted to go on walkabout, but only got as far as the campfire.

every year, mitch tries to acquire the "finest" in dega camp shorts. every year, we attempt to burn them.
here we see laura presenting mitch with the pocket of his 2008 choice of ass coverage.

2008 flashback...

l to r: bill, john, red, gary, mike, mitch, jay, dean.

chris canuck drives the canadians back north.

we burn up all the wood.

and mitch's chair.

i caught up with the bus on i65.

due to a work conflict, matt was not with us this year and he was well missed.
hopefully, he will be there next year. this image was stolen from matt's facebook page and
may or may not indicate his feelings about missing out on dega this year.

april: dragging the degabus from winter storage.

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degabus goes to kentucky
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