spring 2013, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.19.13
   this was the wettest dega we have ever experienced. to say there was a bit-o-mud would be putting it lightly. it was a mess. add to that the endless wind. i spent much of my time driving around and taking pictures of wetness. saturday night turned out to be some fun after all. sunday morning started out great, but the race was red flagged for rain. before the race was restarted over three hours later, many had bugged out, including me.
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others' images camping fails
dean's garage later: eldora dirt race


resurrected from hibernation and ready to roll.

mitch pretends to be doing something, while dean naps under the bus.

hosing off winter's goo.

here's to a great rain free weekend!

cheeseheads, now with 20% more cheese!

admit it, you want all of this.

the rare jeep impala.

sure, we laughed when this guy rolled up. turns out he had the right idea.
well played, boat guy, well played.

always great to see the mounted troops.

sorry, but that point doesn't count because your horse was in front of the box.

don't worry, dean, we'll pay your bail and spring you from jail.
ha! that's a lie!

deport that jackass!

pay no attention to this degabus wannabe. look for them on degabustoo.com

you guys know we can see you, right?

the swamp.

assembling the emergency cook stove.

using the emergency cook stove.

while it looks like crap, it still worked.
would like to know who dumped the sack of potatoes on the bread products.

3d black light illusion bus.

3d pile of empties.

windshield water art.

l-r: mike, gary, jimmy, mitch, rookie phil, dean, bill, chris

pork tenderloin in process.

don't ask and don't tell me if you know.

the mud was like mashed potatoes and quite plentiful.

solo mud wrestling.

crack auto repair services.

waterfront living at it's finest.

bill's pictures laura's pictures
others' images camping fails
dean's garage eldora dirt race
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