spring 2015, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.12.15
   this was the first trip for degabus 3.0. there were 12 of us, 2 nephews, and 4 of their friends in the mystery van, for a total of 18.
    there were a few instances of "nappers" and it sucked to be them. all around, it was a great rain-free weekend. being in the stands when the 88 won on sunday was something else.
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pre-weekend new bus prep

04.29.15: the guys, moments before departure.

under way. seeya there.


these two...

caught this hauler just outside of atlanta.

not bad for shooting out the passenger window at 65mph.

ant and bryan return.

stopped by 'player central' to check out the digs.

bryan working the pole.

our spot is at the base of the yellow flag.

phil takes a "nap".

a new nap hat.

phil finally seeks the safety of under the table.

the guys return keven to his tent, after phil tried to bring him out of his 'safe zone'.

they drink if you just say 'honk'.

like a good dad, bryan tries to pick up these two for his son.

tyler, cele, dom, johnny, blake, and austin arrive in the mystery van,
pulling a pop-up camper on a flatbed trailer.

back yard sun bather.

blake and tyler.

 rookies  tyler, johnny, and dom.

shark kite guy.

we are right over there at that yellow flag.

taking a stroll through the garage area.

pit exit.

looking at the winner.

meanwhile, over at 'player central'.

Mike B.

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


ant has no idea how he got so muddy.

l-r: chris, mike, ant, tool pussy, gary, bill, jimmy, mitch, bryan, dean, phil, kevin

high atop the talladega tower.

toolman is confronted by bill ass.

check out the clown. no, the one on the right.

Mike B. and buddy.

'player central' is rollin'.

bryan takes on blake.

blake takes control.

bryan taps out.

bryan's had enough.

looks like ant's had enough too.

these guys never learn.

if only there were helpful drunk art tips.

loading up the mystery van trailer camper.

heading to the sunday race.

bryan, ant, mitch, dean

redneck satellite dish.

bill and phil.

new friends.

sky lantern launching canister.

two chairs failed to finish.

monday, 5am. new schedule and a missing s.


image from talladegasuperspeedway.com

may 03: 88 takes a partial reverse lap past the fans.
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pre-weekend new bus prep

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