spring 2017, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 05.13.17
   this year was another wet one. some rain on thursday, too much on friday, but a beautiful sunny saturday and sunday. the two races were pretty exciting. send your pictures.
pre-weekend mitch drives kentucky

05.03.17: moments before departure.

the usual.

mitch prays toward mecca.

setting up the rain wall before it rains would just be silly.

rookie sleeps where one can.

the kids arrive.

phil spent an hour drying his socks,
then ant spent 3 seconds mopping up beer with them.

a meeting of the tards.


a return visitor.

redneck gangstas

phil makes it 10% to his cot.

hey rookie, your boots are dry.

his name may be spelled wrong, but it's worth $80 for me.

these two kept trying to spray their 'lavender mist' on me.

the neighbor's 'foam party' could have been cool,
had it not been for the 100% guy only participation.

<insert caption here>

don't ask.

took phil literally two minutes to get the shirt off.

phil recreates his worm crawl from the previous night.
pre-weekend mitch drives kentucky 
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