pre-spring 2017, north park, talladega, alabama
updated 05.04.17

2017 schedule
may 5  -  general tire 200
may 6  -  sparks energy 300
may 7  -  geico 500


as of 05.04.17

05.03.17: moments before departure.
   05.04.17, too early a.m.: i'm heading out from clearwater florida. obviously, there will be no updates to this page until i return, hopefully soon after 05.14. check back later that week for evidence we were actually there. send evidence you were there as well.
 dale earnhardt jr
congratulations on your last year.
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get ready

02.26.17: daytona 500 at dean's garage

tard 1 and tard 2

picking drivers

the pissing frog

don't ask.

mitch drives the kentucky speedway
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