pre-spring 2022, north park, talladega, alabama
updated 04.21.22

april 23

april 23

april 24

   after two long no-show years, it's about time! excitement level: high.

send your dega imagery get ready

at dean's garage bud light bob

04.20: an appropriate departure day.

the load up.

you can't see it, but underneath his sleeping bag,
he's flipping you off.

getting close.

a fine group of degenerates.

while on the way, this happened...

phil kneels to pray at the porcelain alter.
"kneeling on a pissy floor is better than splash-back on the pants."
"pretty sure i had a dick in here somewhere."
"damn it, that's twice today i catch it in the zipper!"

03.21.22: the post-panicdemic douche and spritz.

when the bus spends two covid years in the quarantine woods.

gary takes a rest, after hours of hard resting.

oh look, a homeless encampment.

if you squint your eyes real tight,
you can see phil passed out right there.

road worthiness run.

talladega - 502 miles ahead.

03.26.22: in dean's garage...

replacing a pair of stuck brake calipers.

at dean's garage bud light bob 
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