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04.15.22, Scott, North camp, Checking out your site to get pumped up for next week. Our 22nd year. Your picks seemed to be heavily edited. What’s up with that?!?
curious as to why you think the images on the site are "heavily edited". i did crop many of them, but that's not really editing. some have word bubbles i did edit onto them and some have been turned into memes. are those the ones you refer to? i did change a word on the wannabe degabus picture in 2013, because i thought it was amusing. maybe produce one image you feel is edited, so i can see what you are talking about. anyway, thanks for your note and i hope you have a great time. (still waiting.)

09.26.21, Hawk, Northport, Getting close guys going down on Thursday got you guys a pint of Hawks Cherry Pie shine eat the cherries
turns out, our trip was cancelled, but thanks for the offer. seeya in the spring.
Sorry you guys couldn't make it you missed a hell of a party. There were changes this year the lower part of the campground next to the short track was fenced off and closed, One guy there told me the old man that owned it had died and his son had sold it to Amazon. The party days may be coming to an end
glad you had a good time. did you stay the extra day? sucks about the rain. hopefully, the spring race will have dry camping, as long as amazon doesn't end it.
10.19.18, Scooter, Canada, tried to come looking for you guys at the fall race this year but they wouldn't let us in north park because we already had a camping permit for east park on the truck! Too far to walk to look. Maybe catch you next year. Keep up the fun and games and hopefully get to visit the dega bus gang in 2019! (you should have walked all the way up to see us. oh, wait, we weren't there during the fall race. check back this spring, as the ticket order is getting prepared.)
05.03.18, Mike B., scott, ga., Looks like the DEGA Bus pulled it off again. Maybe Player Central will be back soon. Thanks Mike for keeping the web page going. It looks awesome as usual. (thanks, someone has to do it.)
01.13.18, Dave, Pekin, illinois, Hi guys, i just stumbled across your website looking for ideas where to camp this spring. Im taking my brother and my dad to dega for fhe first time and was looking for the best campground to party. I think i might have found it. Im ginna spend some time on your website but i hope to see you guys and have a beer or two. (you guys will have a great time. drop on by.)
03.29.17, Joey F., Calhoun, GA., you guys are the reason i first came to dega in 2010. i found this website and im even a part of it. i love yall guys. my buddy is getting married and i need yall to help coordinate his bachelor party! I used your website to draw my buddies to dega and it worked. We’ve visited several years. yall probably don’t remember. But I have probably been yalls biggest promoter inn my hometown. That’s me in the 88 hat

(we appreciate your kind words, but we can barely coordinate our own arrival, much less a bachelor party. we will, however, toast a beer to the sucker.)
03.03.17, John, Athens, TN., Looks like you all having a blast. Hope to meet up and have a beer or two or 10 this year. I had already planned a trip to Charlotte but I think I will make the dega race this year as well. Leaving the kids and wife behind so I will be a lone Ranger. Hope to see you all. (leave those anchors behind and have a beer.)
12.19.16, Tim S., Nashville/TN, Ive been to the Fall Race and had a crazy time. I am planning a bachlore party that will take place in in May. Is the May Race Bachelor party worthy and does the partying compare to the Fall race? (i have not been to the fall race, but some of the guys did make the trip last fall. they like the spring trip better, partly because of the fire restriction this fall. if i had to flip a coin, spring would win. if you make the run, stop by.)
11.11.16, Mike B., Scott, GA., Looks like the gang had a party again at DEGA. I know this was their first fall race, but they looked liked they partied the same! I was unable to make it this fall. Hopefully we can have PLAYERCENTRAL set-up and rolling in spring 2017.
05.13.15, scruffy, nowhere, ohio, Looks like redneck heaven. That stripper pole was a nice addition. Every campground should have one.
03.22.15, Hawk S, Tuscaloosa, AL., First want to say I love your site. Next couple of questions. We went to Dega from 2000 till 05. We usually camped the second hill over from the dirt track on the back road. Want to get on the interstate side of the back road coming down Thursday morning think we will have any luck. Second where do guys usually camp looks like the back road North Campground would love to drink a cold one with you guys. (thanks for the kind words. looks like you camp near where we do. stop on by and say hello.)
03.18.15, Dave R., Hello, Me and three of my friends are heading to the Dega spring race this year. We're from Utah. We've been once before back in 2012. We're excited as hell. Best race to visit on the circuit. We've rented an RV and are flying in April 29th. Our camp spot is in Geico West Park B. My question is this...are there any nice folks in Alabama willing to help me and my friends from Utah score some fun recreational items? Like things we can't carry on a plane if you know what I mean? (Sorry if this is completely inappropriate. I had to try.) By the way, we met you guys in 2012. It was brief, but still good to meet you. Your website is awesome. It helped us figure out what to know, where to be, etc. Thanks in advance. My number is [number withheld] in case you want to call me. Thanks, Dave (by "things we can't carry on a plane", you must mean box cutters or more than 3 ounces of shampoo, right? if "any nice folks in Alabama" contact us in an effort to help you out, we'll let you know. seems that what you seek can be had with a bit of clever sleuthing. good luck. thanks for the kind words and have a great trip.)
04.29.14, Good Evening, My wife and I usually have partied in the infield since 2009, We are staying in the infield again this year but been looking to go out to the campgrounds and never seen anything exciting, your group looks like a lot of fun where you have been at. Are you in the North Campgrounds again this year, as I would like to venture out? My wife loves to earn her beads by showing, and I love to see the guys motorboat and grope her. Let me know either via email or text at [number withheld]. J. Scott N. (we love motorboats!)
01.07.14, my wife wants her boobs and ass on your website. I'm taking her to her first ever Talladega race and she wants to get as wild as she can possibly get so anything goes. we are trying to get a spot on the infield but will be checking out the camping grounds as well. (what a coincidence! we want your wife's boobs and ass on this web site too! imagine that. there is no need to actually be at dega. she is welcome to post pictures of her boobs and ass here on degabus.com at any time. images from the bedroom, basement, kitchen, shower, in the park, driving the truck, or anywhere else are fine with us. maybe she's shopping at the store and the mood suddenly strikes her in the dairy section, "hey, i have this irresistible urge to selfie my boobies to that dega internet bus thing." click! send! done and done! we will never complain. if you end up in 'north park' for the spring events, feel free to bring her boobs and ass up for a visit.)
01.07.14, sounds good, we will for sure be there in May and will stop by to say hi. then i can take some pics of her outside the bus or going into the bus. looks like a pretty good time, she is set on getting as wild as she can get. attached is a pic i took on a bus when we went to Texas Motor speedway. (thanks. she seems to be outgoing, friendly, and very accommodating. we look forward to meeting you both.)
01.07.14, No problem, I'm sure after the race weekend you will have plenty of her and probably any position you guys want... We just don't do face shots, but who cares about that anyway :) (what? girls showing boobs have faces? when did this start happening?)
05.09.12, Hi, It was nice meeting yall. I forgot his name I am Teresa had on The striped Bama top/dress. I wanted to tell the guy that walked around with me to collect beads thanks he was really nice. Yall are a fun and great group of guys. Teresa (we forgot his name too, but are glad he was your gentleman escort through what is normally a chaotic dega mayhem festival of redneck drunktards. i say that with all due respect.)
08.21.11, Mike B., Man, your website is tooooooooooo !!! much. I love it and tell my buds about it. I have been to dega a few times but never camping. I have camped at Atlanta Raceway. At AIR you can run your generator all nite in the unreserved camping. My question is, can you do the same in the free camping at Dega? Will you guys be going to the 2011 fall race at Dega? Again thanks for the stories and pics on your awesome site. (thanks for the nice words about the site. you can run your generator 24 hours a day at the dega north park campground. sadly, we have never done the fall dega race, although we are open to sponsorship. for additional dega camping information, check here. if you are going to dega this fall, have fun and have one for us)
08.22.11, Mike B., Yes, we are going to the fall race. We will get there around lunch on Thursday. Is that to late to get a good spot at the north camp grounds? Any pointers for us? (#1 don't forget tickets) Thanks so much for clearing up my issue. They told me on the phone that there was quiet time at the North camp site. (thursday will be fine, you should find a good spot. there is a more quiet area of north camp to the eastern side, near the dirt track. we find the partiest area is within the confines of the large flags up on the hill, all the way down to the camp's main east/west roadway. try to be up on the hill, as if it rains, you're liable to be in the mud.)
10.27.11, Mike B., I finally saw the Seven Flags @ DEGA up close. We camped on the second road over from the blue flag. It was a party!!!!! (feel free to rub our noses in your incredible partying without us, jerk!)
01.24.12, Mike B., I will be attending my first DEGA spring race this year. I usually go to the fall party. I tell everyone about you guys and the website (which usually gets their attention). I look forwarding to meeting the DEGABUS crew and partying. (we always look forward to having a few beers with new friends. see you then.)
03.23.11, jason o., hey, nice pics. me and about 15 of my wild buddies go to dega every year. we get there on tuesday and leave on monday, one hell of a good time. we just had our annual "plan everything out party" and along with our videos and pics we like to check out your last years pics just to get pumped up for the upcoming festivities. we stay in west c and if yall havent ever been there it gets nuts! this year i might wonder over and haller at yall. but just know we hold it down in the JUNGLE too. and again thanks for the good pics. have a blast this year man. p.s. do you know of any other sights that have good dega party pics? (thanks for the shout. we too are getting ready for the long short weekend. thanks again for the good words and i hope you have a great time this year as well. no rain!)
01.24.11, Chris, I am a Dega rookie, going for first time in April. Planning on staying outside of track, but can we get inside to party?? (unless you have a ticket, driving into the campground may or may not be possible, as they have people checking at the camp ground gates. walking into it is always possible. check out the camp rookie page.)
01.18.11, Rich P., Hey Mike, Great site. We are coming to the Spring race for the first time and are wondering where you guys camp. We go to the Charlotte race every year and thought we would try something bigger and better. Will be about 15 - 20 of us in a camper and tents. Cheers. (thanks for the kind words and do stop by.)
04.13.10, clay, Hey, My friends and I are coming to Talladega in two weeks for the first time! In trying to find out what to expect, we looked at your photos. Holy shit! Looks like it's gonna be an awesome weekend! We're looking forward to it!

04.05.10, josh, Me and couple of buddys r come to dega for the first time. We r camping at wazoo camp ground. Just want to see if u guys will b there this year? Will we be able to walk around diferent places and different parties. If so where the best place to party at? We just looking to have a good time. Let us know what goes on there. Thanks. (drop by, say hi. if we don't see you, have a kick ass time. as for where to party, it's been our experience that most all the campground parties, but the section to the east, near the dirt track, parties the least. i think families pile in there and it's lights out fairly early for them. good luck.)
03.29.10, Joey F., whats up, Im a fan of yalls website, and I know yall probably hate questions concerning camping info, but i've purchased tickets to the spring race this year and was wondering what time the campsites usually full up?. I plan on arriving late afternoon on thursday and was wanting to know if there are still open sites in the free campgrounds around that time? (from my past experience, you should still be able to find decent camping on thursday. obviously, the earlier the better. do stop by and say hello.)
03.29.10, James L., Me and my brothers and dad will be going to dega this april(2010). My little brother Jason was there last year, but did not camp, that's what we will be doing this year. This is my 1st NASCAR race, I know I am a rookie, but I am active duty military, and for the past 20+ years have not had that much time for myself. I was check'n out dega bus.com and holy shit, it looks like fun, can't wait. Anyways, I am driving from great lakes Illinois, to Arkansas to pick the bro's and dad up, and then driving to dega. Question is about the free camping, does it fill up fast, we are not getting there till late Friday, or early Saturday. I have looked everywhere to find out about camping there at the speedway, and nothing. I hope you can help me out. You can look me up on face book. Thanks, and will look for ya at DEGA. (hello james, first of all, thank you for your service. i personally appreciate you putting yourself to service in order to provide us the opportunity to be free to go to dega. this will be my 6th year and it has never disappointed, even the few times we were rained on. by the end of the weekend, it's somewhat a relief from all the laughing we do, the food we eat, the drinking, and watching drunk people on parade. the races aren't too bad either. finding a good spot in the free camping areas will probably be hard to secure by friday night. i recommend you try to up the schedule of your group and get there thursday day. bribe, threaten, and/or cajole your posse to mount up and ride out early. you can always check talladegasuperspeedway.com for any camp site info available. you know what the bus looks like, so stop on by. if you go and we do not meet, have a great time.)
05.16.09, anon, We were at Talladega this year in the campgrounds and we had find and stop by and see you guys. We love your website and your enthusiasm! You guys are great! I’ve been checking your website everyday to see if you have the new pictures up (thinking I’m probably in some of them….we were somewhat wild this year—wet tshirt contest?) Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we love ya and can’t wait to see you in the fall! (we don't do the fall race. not yet, anyways. if you don't find your pictures here, there is no reason you can't send them in.)
04.08.09, Scott from Dayton, oh-love the pics. We camp down the way from you guys but was to lazy to walk up the hill to say hey. We're gearing up for our 9th year in 2 weeks. This is our only guy trip all year and I start looking forward to it as soon as we leave the track. I look at your site through out the year to remember good times. I am actually in the back round of one of the pics of 12 pack under wear guy. Have a good trip and we'll say hey this year.
04.05.09, Deaer sirs,
We have a delima to take care of. My client (and redneck friend) have filed suit against your parties for unlawfull useage of our image and likeness in your 2006 pictures. Wereas we object to the use of our image on this site we seek to obtain rightfull monetary damages from your parties during the spring race of 2009. Wereas we will show that both myself and my client have suffered irreputable damage from the posting of our likeness we are seeking damges near 1 million dollars. As we have maintained a reputable image for the past 9 years of spring race we feel that we are due substaintial reimbursement of our losses. We are prepared to follow through to include a summary judgement against your parties for above mentioned damages. Please make sure that you broing legal council with you this spring race as we will have a trial to determine the amount of damages we ar due.
As loyal dega fans we are willing to comprimize this law suit against your parties for consideration of two (2) cold beers. We will only accept this offer if you agree to sample our creek liquor. If you borrowed the mower from scott at the top of the hill just ask him. He can validate the authenticity of this juice. We will be there when the gates open on tuesday and will be on the lookout for your bus.
We will be at the bottom of the hill backed up to 20 just across from were waldo and robbie camp.
Remember the only way to avoid this legal action is to have two (2) cold beers when approached andbe prepared to sample the juice. Where the hell is Earl? He was just here.. See you guys soon!
dear sirs,
we counter sue and demand payment in full of whatever damn alcohol you have at the time of your appearance. be prepared to indulge.

08.06.08, Ginnie, Durham, NC., Hi there, I just love your pictures on the web. Yall look like yall have a blast! I would like to ask you for some information please. My friends and I (6 women - 3 married 3 not) camped at Daytona last year and loved it. Everyone camping there told us that the camping in Talladega was the best. We would like to go to the spring 2009 race and camp but we know absolutely nothing about it. I was wondering if you could give me some info on what campground to use or who to call for a reservation. We would really like to camp as close to the track as possible. After viewing yall’s pictures we want to camp next door to yall!!! Would you send me some info please? Thank you so much. (hello ginnie, thanks for the good words about the site. it's really just a photo documentary of the fun we have. camping at dega is fun. it's like a city springs up with a common goal to party your ass off and see a few races. i hear there will be three races spring 2009. there are several camp areas and they are free or pay, depending on where you want to be. we camp free and as such, we are about as far from the track as you can be and still be on track property. we don't mind, as the walk is always a good time too. look for us if you do make the race.)
05.07.08, Kari, Hey guys! I finally remembered to look at this website. Im the chic that was driving the red pick up truck with the 36' toy hauler trailer next to you guys down I-65 near or south of indy i think it was on the way to Dega a couple weeks ago.. My best friend guy in the passenger seat lifted his calf to the window to show his #3 tattoo. The guys in the back of the bus liked it... KICK ASS site, i have nascar camping pics just as good as that from alot of the tracks. I should do a website like urs. Love the bus too! ROCK ON! (i wanted to get a picture of his tattoo from the moving vehicles. we spoke of your friend's tattoo while at dega. the guys were also impressed that the "cute chick" was driving the truck/hauler. get your site up! thanks for the good words)
05.08.08, Kari, Yeah, towing that thing is a bitch! I wanted to look over more also, but couldnt in fear of swerving off the road! i have sway bars on that thing but they dont help much. That was my 1st trip with it, just got rid of "ol bessy" - my 83 motorhome covered to death with racing stickers & all hilljacked out, i miss that camper, she was so easy to drive unlike this beast. Where ya guys from? We are from Merrillville, IN - right next door to Scary Gary. If i have some time i will e u some good dega pics from 06 - 08. We stay on the Blvd in the infield, i thought for sure u guys would be in the infield also, looked for the bus, but now i see you stay at the north campground. Welp, back to work! (while the quantity of this year's pix is light, i still had enough for a modest showing. i live in florida, but venture to dega the last four years. this year i flew up to indiana where my brother lives and drove down on the bus. don't know if you ever rode 9 hours in a school bus, but i'm sure it's less comfy than your truck/hauler rig. we do stay in the north camp. i suppose mostly because it's free and we can only assume it's more rambunctious. we like rambunctious. we are of the opinion that the infield is even more contained and controlled, but we may be mistaken. i go where i am led and north camp it is. do send a few pix and maybe next year we will see your friend's '3' tat again.)
05.04.07, James S., Hey You, This is James Smith in Brandon, Mississippi. Hope Laura didn't get too offended by Steve, my drunk buddy. I do have some pictures, and I hope to send some. Steve and I were some of the "other fuckers" who showed up and visited to say we've seen you on the net. Hope to see y'all in October. P.S. I will talk to Steve about being silly. (looking forward to your pictures. i'm sure steve was fine, hell, everyone was drunk. i hope you didn't see me refer to any camp visitors as "other fuckers" on the web site. if so, let me know. we appreciated everyone that stopped by to say hi. we won't be there in october, but i hope it's just as good for you.)
05.03.07, Nicole A., Hey guys!! You got to get more pics up!! Tell Dan I have nice pic of me and him. (you tell him by sending in that pic.)
03.30.07, hilton w., couldnt stop laughing at the pictures..could not send mine in bc there locked up...wife proof..well look for you this spring..prep work has begun already..working on tit o meter sign rite now. (we hope to be in the back row, north campground. look for us and bring your tit-o-meter. we won't tell your wife. what goes on at dega, stays at dega, unless it turns up on this site.)
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