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2024: this again.
  pre-weekend: the 'get ready'.
  in memory of jimmy
2023: another great weekend.
2022: the return of degafoolery.
  dean's garage: a gathering.
2021: chinese wuhan kung flu cancels, again.
2020: chinese wuhan kung flu cancels spring camping.
  bubba's noose nonsense: whiny bubbles.
  dean's garage
2019: great weekend, until the tranny blows on the way home.
  jimmy's pictures
  others' images: images not our own. send yours.
  dean's garage
2017 fall: rookies never learn.
  kentucky speedway: mitch takes a few laps.
2017 spring: two days of rain, then two great days of racing.
2016 fall: the degabus inaugural fall race.
2016 spring: wild races prevail on a mostly rain free weekend.
  others' images
  player central
  for sale: on craig's list.
2015: the  junior nation dominates sunday.
  others' images
  degabus 3.0: getting ready for it's inaugural run.
  player central: spring fall
2014: naked 'no rain' drum circles are worth the creepy effort.
  jenna's pictures
  jimmy's pictures
  others' images
  degabus 3.0: the new used member of the degabus fleet.
    degabus 2.0: sold. was to be used in a zombie movie.
  dean's garage
  player central: fall weekend party.
2013: rain soaked mudfest.
  bill's pictures
  laura's pictures
  others' images
  camping fails
  eldora speedway: the inaugural 'camping world' dirt race.
  dean's garage
2012: the last year with red and company.
  bill's pictures
  laura's pictures
  jimmy's pictures
  others' images
2011: in the pits.
  laura's pictures
  others' images
  kentucky speedway: the degabus goes to sparta.
2010: saturday events cancelled. two races on sunday.
  laura's pictures
  others' images
  laura's pictures
  visitor pictures
  others' images
  carl edwards' unfinish: he doesn't quite make it.
2008: first year for the big ass flags.
  laura's pictures
  visitor pictures
2007: bryan goes down.
  matt's beerbong: because drinking right from the can is dumb.
  visitor pictures
2006: rain moves the sunday race to monday.
2005:'s rookie year.
past: pre-2005 imagery.
  2002: stuck together photos, peeled apart for your enjoyment.
  2000: from the first north park trip.
  1999: campground water balloon bombardment.
  1990: pre-degabus mitch and marty at michigan speedway.
  1988: trackside in the degacamaro.
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  various: dega pictures found on the world wide interwebs.
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  memes: nonsensical
  drunken art displays: when too much is too funny.
  videos: talladega races and talladega crashes
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  help: 'north park' camping assistance for rookies.
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  who is pinker brown?
  the mitchinary: a new language emerges.
  ~the sarcasm mark~: sarcasting has never been easier!
  in from the rain: building a better awning.
    google: the track from space. give it a test drive.
    miscellaneous mapage
• outside websites of interest
directions to talladega with waze apple google
  gps: 3366 speedway blvd., talladega, alabama, 35160
talladega super
talladega related site links
  about talladega speedway winners throughout history
  talladega speedway on wikipedia
  chris, the talladega tire man barbecue sauce wrestling. talladega superspeedway in north park.
  talladega short track just east of 'north park'.
  talladega national forest: east of the super speedway.
  party toys, novelties, and drunken accessories: the official degabus bead supplier.
      skip the 33" beads and buy 42" beads or better.
      also: naughty beads and such. glowing and light up stuff. build your own cornhole game.